This is an introductory session focused on how to work with an ageing workforce. Attendees will gain a stronger understanding how to help their business grow with an ageing workforce, by being able to identify the challenges and opportunities, whilst reducing the risk of injury. In addition, the session will explore how to make workplaces accessible as well as making profit margins grow.

  • DR Caroline Howe

Dr Caroline Howe
Executive Director, Think Howe Pty Ltd

Caroline’s multifaceted research and work history evolved from her early years as a rehabilitation counsellor, to working in mechanical engineering as an WH&S manager and then progressing to National Provider Services Manager at QBE Insurance. Her initiative in outcome focussed workplace rehabilitation at QBE led to her being awarded an excellence in industry award for innovation and excellence in personal injury management 2012.
Caroline’s current focus is as co-founder and executive director of ThinkHowe Pty Ltd, a leading organisational wellness, research and communications agency with clients in the injury management sector throughout Australia and abroad. She also maintains a lecturing role at the University of Sydney as well as a Senior Research position with Griffith University and is a leading consultant and researcher in Ageing with a focus on Ageing Well at Work.
Caroline has completed a PhD, which focused on ageing workforce transition from a psychological and multicultural perspective, she also holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Rehabilitation Counselling and a Bachelor of Arts (Psychology / Education) from Sydney University. In addition, Caroline has previously held the role of President of the Australian Rehabilitation Counselling Association.