Team Manager and Account Manager
B. Psychology and Exercise Physiologist

Demi is an experience Rehabilitation Consultant with a degree in Psychology and Exercise Physiology. Demi is one of our Team Managers currently managing a more complex case load whilst also managing a team of Rehabilitation Consultants. Demi is passionate about achieving return to work and return to health goals via application of the biopsychosocial model. Demi primarily works with clients who have sustained complex psychological injuries however is also skilled in managing musculoskeletal injuries, secondary psychological injuries, mental health and medical conditions. Demi uses her thorough knowledge of psychology, physiology and anatomy to provide the best possible support to her clients, encompassing both the body and the mind for holistic rehabilitation services. Demi’s strength is her capacity to build relationships across diverse populations, and her strong efficient communication skills which compliment her expertise and knowledge. Demi has further upskilled to provide pre-vocational capacity building programs including health coaching, cognitive capacity building using the Cognifit program, and using life activities to build capacity. Demi’s approach is collaborative, and she is able to effectively facilitate conversations to progress towards rehabilitation and recovery goals. Demi currently manages a team of Rehabilitation Consultants, providing support, complex file reviews, mentoring and guidance. Demi has a unique ability to build relationships and rapport with the clients, all treating parties, case managers and all other stakeholders.

Demi identifies her strengths as:

  • Client compassion and rapport building
  • Ability to work holistically with clients across Rehab and NDIS spaces
  • Ability to work with complex psychosocial clients
  • Client empowerment and motivation+-

Services Demi offers:

  • Initial Needs Assessments/Return to Work planning
  • Workstation Assessments
  • Transferrable Skills Analysis Assessments
  • Clinical NDIS assessments and exercise physiology intervention
  • Return to work and vocational coaching
  • Cognifit coaching
  • Reasonable adjustment assessments