The Rehabilitation Specialists provide Ergonomic Workstation Assessments as either a preventative measure or to address a specific concern that has been raised by an employee e.g. an injury or area of discomfort.

All of our assessments are completed by qualified health professionals (Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists, or Exercise Physiologists) and we focus on providing the employee with the knowledge and skills to independently manage their ergonomic needs at work. Recent evidence has shown that the long term effectiveness of these assessments is dependent on the employee receiving adequate education regarding any ergonomic changes or recommendations that are made, and this is a key component of our services. Rather than simply adjusting the workstation for the employee we ensure that they are aware of ergonomic principles being applied to promote compliance with the recommendations and enable the employee to independently adjust any future workstations that they may use. We also focus on encouraging dynamic positioning and effectively implementing self-management strategies for the employee whenever possible rather than focusing on equipment based solutions.

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Types of Assessments

High Volume Checklist Assessment

  • A brief workstation review for a large number of employees within an organisation e.g. following an office move.
  • Includes a brief checklist report.

Basic Workstation Assessment

  • For employees with no specific injury e.g. new starters or employee moving workstation.
  • Includes a brief report.

Comprehensive Workstation Assessment

  • For employees experiencing some pain or discomfort, or those with an existing injury.
  • Can be office or home based.
  • Includes a detailed report.

Group Education & Workstation Assessment

  • For up to 10 employees at a time, when no specific injury is present.
  • Consists of an education session following by individual consultation with each participant and provision of a summary report

Workstation Assessment Train the Trainer

  • Half day training session which provides participants with the skills to complete basic workstation assessments for other employees within your organisation.


Implementing ergonomic principles helps to prevent workplace injury, re-occurrence of injury and increases productivity.


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Please contact us on 1800 0 73422 for further information regarding these services. We can deliver these in ACT, NSW, VIC and WA.