My work placement at the Rehab Specialists – Harry Brook, Occupational Therapy Student

My work placement at the Rehab Specialists – Harry Brook, Occupational Therapy Student

I am an Occupational Therapist second year master’s student and I completed my third placement with The Rehabilitation Specialists. Prior to my placement at The Rehabilitation Specialists I had completed a placement at a paediatric service providing interventions to a range of children with Disabilities as well as the ACT Government Falls prevention team. Prior to my placement with the Rehabilitation Specialists, I have had a limited opportunity to work with a range of adults in a number of different environments.

My time with The Rehabilitation Specialists has been a valuable experience and taught me a number of skills that I will take forward into my career as an Occupational Therapist. In particular I have developed my information gathering skills and Initial assessment technique, including increasing my ability to holistically investigate a client’s current circumstances, helping me to develop appropriate supports to return them to their preinjury function. I have had a number of opportunities to hone my report writing skills, working to develop a range of interventions to support injured workers within the workplace as well as to address other barriers clients are facing in their non-work related occupations (you can say ADL’s if occupation is confusing to everyone who isn’t an OT).

My placement with The Rehabilitation Specialists has given me the opportunity to work with clients facing a range of barriers ranging in severity, as well as allowing me to work with clients in very different environments ranging from office based work spaces to the outdoor environments of a school campus. I have developed the skills to use a number of outcome measures and occupation focused assessments which have supported me in developing a deeper understanding of the areas within which clients are facing the greatest challenges. My placement here has also given me the opportunity work with a range of assistive technology including ergonomic aids and dragon speech to text software. I have enjoyed working with a range of health professionals including participating in management training, vocational assessment and support as well as medical reviews and workplace meetings.

In particular I have enjoyed working with the friendly people who make up the Rehabilitation Specialists team and appreciated the opportunity to learn from them all. Their willingness to support me in pushing myself to lead assessments, work with clients with observational support and generally get stuck into a case load has helped me develop as a health professional. They have each been friendly and welcoming and I whole heartedly thank them for the opportunity.