We offer a variety of specialist services to assist employers in managing their rehabilitation cases and in increasing the knowledge of their employees regarding workplace health and safety issues. These services include

  • Task Analysis – a one off assessment to provide a detailed analysis of the physical and cognitive demands of a specific role. This may include recommendations for job modification to assist injured workers to complete the assessed role.
  • Job Dictionary – provides a thorough analysis of the physical and cognitive demands of each specific role within an organisation to assist in return to work planning for injured workers. This can increase the employers ability to independently manage rehabilitation and return to work cases and reduce ongoing rehabilitation costs.
  • Psychosocial Coaching – to provide injured workers with the knowledge and skills to overcome psychosocial barriers that may be impacting on their return to work progress.
  • Return to Work Coaching – structured, motivational coaching to enable the worker to take ownership of their recovery and return to work; including collaborative identification  of strategies to overcome barriers, and measuring of progress.
  • Management Coaching – to assist managers to better understand their role in the RTW process, how they can positively influence a workers return to work, and providing strategies to overcome any perceived barriers that may be presenting.

Our training wellness program services are tailored for the needs of each individual workplace and include the following: