The Rehabilitation Specialists offer a number of training packages and are also able to develop and tailor our trainings
services to meet specific needs of employers. Our current training packages include the following:

Effectively Engaging with GPs Training
This interactive training, delivered in the form of a workshop, is the ideal platform for new and experienced Case Managers and HR Professionals to develop the knowledge, skills and confidence to more effectively engage with GPs and medical specialists and achieve return to work outcomes.
This service allows managers to work with one of our experienced consultants and workshop their concerns and develop clear, realistic and practical strategies to deal with people management challenges.

Psychological Health &; Wellbeing Education &; Workplace Mental Health Education
We provide a range of forums and trainings throughout the year in providing HR Professionals, Case Managers and Managers with professional development opportunities on understanding psychological risk factors in the workplace, managing mental illness in the workplace and workplace wellness programs.

Building Effective Teams Workshop
This is an interactive workshop that can be tailored to suit the specific outcomes being sought by the manager of the team. Some key outcomes that may be identified are: identifying strategies for functioning cohesively and productively as a team; strategies for giving and receiving feedback, strategies to improve current work practices/ efficiencies/ relationships; identifying agreed team behaviours. To assist the team to identify strategies to function cohesively and productively

Manual Handling Training
Manual Handling training is a valuable injury prevention and management strategy. The Rehab Specialists work closely with employers in providing individuals and teams with practical and valuable advice on they can complete their roles in a safe manner and minimise injuries in the workplace. The Rehab Specialists provide workplace based manual handling training, which includes analysis of common manual tasks within the workplace and education to employees specific to their duties.

Group Ergonomic Training
This training is suitable for anyone who would benefit from becoming competent in basic workstation set up for themselves and others e.g. WHS representatives or managers. Following completion of this course participants are able to assess and make appropriate ergonomic recommendations for new starters or those who change workstations within their workplace. They will also be able to make recommendations and adjustments to assist with common workplace injuries and identify when a specialist assessment is required.

Dragon Dictation Services
Dragon Voice Activation Software enables individuals with varying physical conditions to perform their computer based tasks. One of our experienced Dragon Naturally Speaking trainers will teach the employee how to create a user profile, customise their vocabulary, and learn basic commands to compose emails, draft and edit documents, and control their computer by voice. Our advanced trainer can also assist with developing macros, using Dragon with different software systems and any other more complex training requirements.