We are a multi-award winning workplace provider providing market leading return to work (RTW) services

We commenced in June 2012 as a small team of three. Delivering a consistently high standard of work and achieving great outcomes has resulted in continued expansion of our team and the services offered. The Rehabilitation Specialists is a business built on respect and acknowledgement of the skills, experience and strengths each individual team member brings to the company. We pride ourselves in being able to work closely with our customers as a team and one of our strengths is being able to draw on the skill sets of different team members at the right time to assist in achieving outcomes on our cases. Our non-bureaucratic culture is reflected in our supportive environment, and we are always welcoming new ideas and innovative service solutions from our team based on their experiences.

Our Values



Our work is outcome focused and evidence based. We have a commitment to continued professional development.



Our approach is flexible, creative, solution focused and we encourage our team to “think outside the box".


Integrity and Respect

We maintain ethical business and service practices and value honesty, transparency and reliability.



We do what we say we will, and take responsibility for our actions.


Latest News  

Client Recommendations  

  • I referred to The Rehabilitation Specialists as I have utilised their services in the past and have always had excellent client focused service with excellent outcome. My involvement with Karen has been extensive, working with her in many other agencies. I have with out exception found her to be both professional and goal focused.
    Contract case manager CDPP

    E Zutt

    Contract case manager CDPP

  • Elise provided a very good service, she was prompt and accurate and completed all paperwork on time. I have also gained a lot of knowledge from the forums that Rehab specialists run and the networking that occurs as a result of the forums. The other good thing is that Elise was backed up by other staff members in particular Fiona...
    Case Manager – Dept of Social Services

    Case Manager

    Dept of Social Services

  • I would like to thank Fiona for her professionalism and commitment in maintaining a great connection with the employee and appreciate her tenacity in ensuring that every stone was unturned in order for this employee to have made a good and informed decision moving forward. Working with Fiona is always a pleasure and I always know I am going to...
    Employer Representative

    Employer Representative

    Privately held Company

  • This case was a little tricky given the minimal engagement of the GP and the employee’s severity of their condition and treatment. This case was a stop start case with continued curveballs being thrown and we had to be a little creative in finding an outcome that would benefit all involved. This case ended up with a change of three...
    Case manager

    Case Manager

    APS Department

  • The Rehabilitation Specialists provided an excellent and professional service whilst keeping time frames and departmental goals and costs in mind. The regular feedback provided and strategies utilised with this RTW were very good. I consider the Rehabilitation Specialists to be one of the best in the ACT and Sydney and would not have any concerns about recommending this Provider to...
    Case Manager

    Case Manager

    APS Department

  • An excellent service provided. Would not hesitate to recommend Ms Fonti and her colleagues at the Rehabilitation Specialists to other departmental agencies.
    Case managerCase Manager

    APS Department

  • The rehabilitation officers that were assigned to me were very supportive, understanding and compassionate. Kirsten and Jasmin were able to negotiate with my workplace Managers/GP, Insurer & Health Professionals all throughout my time of injury. They supported me and ensured that realistic goals were set for me to achieve pre-injury status. They regularly would touch base with me on my progress to get back to work and into my regular routine again. I would recommend the services of the Rehabilitation Specialists they were great.
    Suzanne CombridgeSuzanne Combridge
  • My experience with ‘The Rehab Specialists’ was reassuring from the start. My consultant (Elise) was quick to explore aspects of my situation which she could assist with. All the staff are exceptionally lovely and caring. I felt looked after and supported from the start. I have now returned to full time work and have completed a wonderful program at ‘Fit to Manage’ – which was arranged by the consultants at ‘The Rehab Specialists’. Fiona, Elise and the crew have helped put me back on my feet, and I’ve hit the ground running. I can’t thank you all enough for the support and assistance you’ve given me over the past 6 months. Thanks for having my back!
    Injured workerInjured worker
  • We have found The Rehabilitation Specialists to be very responsive to our requests. The consultants have provided tailored and comprehensive support to our injured workers. The return to work coaching has proven to be very beneficial in supporting injured workers and in meeting the rehabilitation goals. We would highly recommend the Rehab Specialists to other agencies.
    Case managerCase manager

    APS Department

Our Consultants

jenny woodhouse
Jenny Woodhouse

Senior Rehabilitation Consultant, R.N B.A (Social Welfare)

Anna Brieger

Occupational Therapist & Rehabilitation Consultant

Deng Aleer Deng

Exercise Physiologist & Rehabilitation Consultant

Laura Wellsmore

Rehabilitation Counselor