The Rehabilitation Specialists provide Vehicle Ergonomic Assessments as either a preventative measure or to address a specific concern that has been raised e.g. an injury, area of discomfort, prolonged periods of sitting, or difficulty transferring into and our of a vehicle.

The vehicle ergonomic assessment involves:

  • assessing the client transferring into and our of the vehicle, assessing the clients driving position once inside the vehicle, reviewing the access to and use of any other controls to operate the vehicle, review of access to the boot, car seats or any other relevant part of the vehicle as per the clients needs.
  • making immediate recommendations regarding alternative transfer methods; ergonomic seating and steering wheel adjustments; functional education regarding access to other vehicle areas as needed (e.g. car seat access may be required if the individual has children), functional education regarding hand positioning when driving.

Following the assessment a report is provided that outlines

  • assessment findings, education provided and adjustments made at the time of assessment
  • any recommendations for vehicle modifications or equipment
  • recommendations for ongoing self management
  • recommendations for any additional specific assistance that may be needed

All of our assessments are completed by qualified health professionals (Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists, or Exercise Physiologists).

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As a boutique provider, we are readily able to adapt our services and provide innovative and tailored approaches based on referral requirements. Please contact us on 1800 0 73422 to discuss your specific needs or make a referral via our online referral form.

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