The Rehabilitation Specialists provide comprehensive services under the NSW and ACT Compulsory Third Party (CTP) schemes.

Our aim is to assist individuals to maximise their return to functional independence as soon as possible following a motor vehicle accident (MVA). We undertake comprehensive Initial Needs Assessments(INA) combined with and assessment of Activities of Daily Living (ADL) where applicable. The assessment considers day to day function, return to work, and engagement in community and leisure activities depending on the claimant's pre-accident level of function. We work collaboratively with the claimant, treating health professionals, carers, insurers, employers where applicable, and other relevant parties to achieve agreed rehabilitation goals.

  • CTP Rehab

Our interventions are evidence based, proactive, and includes reporting on functional progress. Interventions may include:

  • functional education
  • task modification / activity of daily living retraining,
  • activity planning / energy conservation education/ pacing and graded activity
  • equipment prescription,
  • assessment and facilitation of care needs (domestic, gardening, attendant care, etc),
  • return to work planning,
  • workplace assessments,
  • addressing any psychological barriers to resumption of pre-accident activities e.g. driving.
  • vocational assessments and job seeking where applicable
  • other interventions may be identified depending on the specific needs of the client

At The Rehabilitation Specialists we tailor our recommendations based on the individual claimant requirements, with a focus on maximising return to pre-accident levels of function.

We appreciate that each CTP insurer has varying reporting and plan requirements. As The Rehabilitation Specialists are an innovative, agile and boutique provider, we are able to adapt our services to suit specific needs.

One of our key strengths is being able to build trust and rapport with our clients because we really care - this is the first step to achieving great outcomes! Our multi-disciplinary team of consultants are passionate about achieving outcomes and have extensive experience working in the CTP space.

As a boutique provider, we are readily able to adapt our services and provide innovative and tailored approaches based on referral requirements. Please contact us on 1800 0 73422 to discuss your specific needs or make a referral via our online referral form.

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