For individuals who are unable to return to their pre-injury/disability role and/or employer, or for individuals who may need to explore alternative vocational options within their same employer, a Vocational assessment can be completed.

Vocational Assessments analyse thee individuals transferrable skills, experience and qualifications to assist in identifying a number of suitable job options that they could pursue. The assessment will also consider any medical restrictions that may be in place.

A Labour Market Analysis can also be completed to determine which of the job options are most viable giving consideration to the location, job demand, income and market trends.

Vocational Assessments can be completed across any scheme, whether this be Workers Compensation schemes (such as Work Cover NSW, WorkSafe ACT, Comcare), Life Insurance, and CTP. They can also be completed in non-compensable situations, including under the NDIS, and to assist to identify suitable employment options for people with disabilities. In these situations consideration would also be given to any reasonable adjustments to increase independence and maximise capacity at work.

Our Vocational Assessments are completed by qualified and experienced Rehabilitation Counsellors to provide viable job options specific to the individual. To complement the Vocational assessment, The Rehabilitation Specialists can provide job seeking services including job seeking competency programs,  and rehabilitation services. This assists to ensure that progress continues towards an achievable goal towards securing work within the identified vocational options.  


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