If a client is unable to return to their job due to permanent physical or psychological restrictions, or another reason such as redundancy, The Rehabilitation Specialists Employment Services team can assist. The team works to link clients to potential employers and liaises with all parties to build good relationships in order to achieve successful outcomes. Vocational Counseling can be provided to ascertain the client’s suitability for a role, explore potential job options based on consideration of skills and experience and also to give objective career advice.


The Rehabilitation Specialists brings to you a personalised resume development service with varying levels to suit your needs and price range. If you are a job seeker struggling with employment a new, industry standard resume may be the key to securing a role. If you need a career change, we can identify your transferable skills that will enable you to succeed in a new role. University students, first time job seekers and injured or disabled workers can be guaranteed a professional and competitive job seeking package.