What is Executive Coaching for Managers?

Executive Coaching for Managers is a tailored service used to provide supervisors and managers with practical strategies in dealing with a range of people management challenges in the workplace.
This service allows managers to work with one of our experienced consultants and workshop their concerns and develop clear, realistic and practical strategies to deal with people management challenges including:
• Managing staff with mental health issues in the workplace
• Performance management and performance improvement
• Improving productivity
• Behavioural issues in the workplace
• Communication skills for managers
• Team building
• Return to Work: process, responsibilities and reasonable adjustments


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Who is it for?

Executive Coaching for Managers is suitable for supervisors and managers across a range of industries, from small business owners seeking practical strategies to increase their employees’ productivity to larger organisations seeking to shape organisational culture. We have the skills and experience to effectively provide practical strategies to help you address people management challenges.

What makes our service different?

• Our Consultants work with managers on a day to day basis on a range of early intervention, injury management and workplace issues and understand the challenges our managers face.
• We work with supervisors and managers across the government, private and not for profit sectors in order to find practical solutions to people management issues.


Executive Coaching for Managers

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