We commenced in June 2012 as a small team of three. Delivering a consistently high standard of work and achieving great outcomes has resulted in continued expansion of our team and the services offered. The Rehabilitation Specialists is a business built on respect and acknowledgement of the skills, experience and strengths each individual team member brings to the company. We pride ourselves in being able to work closely with our customers as a team and one of our strengths is being able to draw on the skill sets of different team members at the right time to assist in achieving outcomes on our cases. Our non-bureaucratic culture is reflected in our supportive environment, and we are always welcoming new ideas and innovative service solutions from our team based on their experiences.

The Rehabilitation Specialists is an expert workplace rehabilitation provider providing market leading return to work (RTW) rehabilitation services.

We are all about providing a professional, credible and reliable service. We are passionate and committed to working together as a team to address the individual needs of our customers. Our approach is strategic and creative, allowing us to meet the unique and evolving needs of our clients. Our goal is to achieve positive outcomes for all.

We consider that our point of difference is that we ensure quality service by working collaboratively as a transdiciplinary team. We operate creatively, utilising the knowledge and expertise gained through our combined experiences both nationally and internationally. Our interventions are evidence based and give regard to the differing workplace requirements. Our belief is that best outcomes are achieved by active engagement of all stakeholders from the outset.

We believe that our reputation as an organisation is dependent on consistently delivering on our promise to provide a high quality, effective and reliable service. Our strengths are our dedicated Consultants, our diverse experience and our commitment to making a positive difference to achieve the goals of all stakeholders.