Social Media Coordinator and Happiness Ambassador

Elijah commenced with The Rehabilitation Specialists in January 2021 after being referred to the company as a client for job seeking services. Since then, Elijah has taken his infectious nature and laugh and transitioned seamlessly into the company’s inaugural Happiness Ambassador, ensuring the whole company’s spirit is lifted. Elijah also doubles as our Social Media Coordinator, ensuring that we have posts organised for our socials every day! Elijah makes sure that they are written exactly how he wants them to read ensuring it captivates the readers. Elijah’s role brings him the ability to not only brighten those that he works with, but also the clients that come in for session each day. This is the part of the role that Elijah loves the most, as he has the ability to converse with a variety of different people. Elijah has continued to grow during his time at The Rehabilitation Specialists and he is excited to keep adding more duties into his role!