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What is Rehab Online?

The Rehabilitation Specialists can offer all of our standard services via online technology for clients located in areas outside of NSW and ACT. We offer this service as many of our customers have employees located in areas where we do not have offices and where it can be difficult to find consultants with the right experience and qualifications. Our online services are delivered to the same high quality standard and are efficient, outcome driven, timely and a client focused holistic approach is implemented to ensure effective injury prevention, injury/illness management, return to work, consultancy and advisory services.

When requested, we are able to travel for the initial face to face meeting or for other specific assessments that may be required and we can then conduct the remainder of services remotely. We are also able to split travel costs should there be more than one client in the same location and wherever possible we will endeavor to organise multiple assessments/ meetings on the same or consecutive days. The service is able to be tailored to suit the individual requirements of the referral and to fit within budgetary restrictions. The level of service and intervention provided remains consistent with our face to face services already offered and the same timeframes for service delivery apply.


How it works?

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Through the use of available technology such as Skype and FaceTime, we can set up online face to face communication, without the need for travel costs. We are also able to access video conferencing facilities in most areas, and if not having a phone or computer is a barrier, we can provide these tools for use throughout our involvement.

What are the benefits?

  • Reduced cost of travel
  • Ease of access / improved access to qualified health professionals
  • Increased contact with consultants
  • Consistency of service from the Rehabilitation Specialists team
  • Flexibility regarding times of appointments – as the service is online we are able to offer appointment times to suit individuals who may be required to work shifts, or who may be in different time zones.
  • Service timeframes remain the same as for face to face services


Cost Savings Matrix


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