Professional Team: Medico Legal Assessment and Reporting

Our Competence:

The Rehabilitation Specialists are an established, expert and experienced rehabilitation provider, focusing on workplace and general rehabilitation services. Our multidisciplinary health and rehabilitation teams deliver a range of rehabilitation services including return to work services and case management, Activities of Daily Living, Functional Capacity and Medico-legal assessment, Workplace and Vocational assessment, Work-injury prevention and Early Intervention programs, Return to Work Coaching and Workplace Training, Workplace Mediation and Conflict Resolution, and formalised support and education programs for employers.

We collaborate to create individualized, strategic, solution-focused and effective outcomes. Our professional team have a diverse range of skills and professional experiences so as to effectively meet the mandate of referrers and all stakeholders, and to assess and manage a diverse range of medical conditions, and physical and psychological injuries.

Our Reports:

We can assist your client’s case by providing a report that meets your needs. Ask for an assessment and report regarding your client’s:

Category 1

Personal care needs and ability to perform activities within their home.

Category 2

Personal care needs and ability to perform activities within their home, family, work and community, including their needs for equipment, modifications, and replacement costs of such.

Category 3

Personal care needs and ability to perform activities within their home, family, work and community, including their needs for equipment, modifications, and replacement costs of such, and incorporating standardized measures and formal Functional Capacity Evaluation. This may assist with provision of information regarding consistency in performance over time and place.

Comprehensive functional and personal care needs, in addition to their ability to return to pre-injury employment, and/ or the likelihood of their ability to undertake new employment opportunities.

Specific employment capabilities, including ability to perform past work duties, need for future work retraining programs, ability to use transferrable skills in re-employment process and needs for work coaching and skill development. This may be in addition to personal care needs assessment and functional capacity assessment, or stand as a separate report.

Category 6

Comprehensive past, current and future care needs, as may be required with a more complex injury, including their ability to perform activities within their home, work and community, their need for equipment and modifications, and the replacement costs of such over life time.

Category 7

Comprehensive care, nursing and medical needs as is required to identify short or long term personal care and nursing needs for an individual experiencing catastrophic and life changing injuries, with high levels of personal care needs.

Category 8

Please contact us to determine the particular circumstances and need of our clients prior to determining the inclusions and matters to be assessed and reported.

Contact us to discuss the most appropriate consultant to meet your needs.

Fiona Fonti
Coordinator of Medico-Legal
M: 0402 114 148   T:  1800 0 73422        E: [email protected]


Our Team and Skills:

The Medico-legal Team at Rehabilitation Specialists use a collaborative approach in assessing and writing medico-legal reports, and collectively offer over 150 years of national and international expertise. Our broad-reaching skills and experience equip us to provide independent, evidence-based reports for those who experience injury or trauma following an incident, motor vehicle accident, adverse event or are subject to medical-negligence. We have collective expertise in working with those who have suffered spinal cord injury, catastrophic or traumatic injury such as amputation, cerebral palsy, brain injury, spinal injury, amputation, a neurological event, or a respiratory, psychological or other conditions. All of our team are registered with their relevant professional body. Read on about the experience of our team, and ask for a comprehensive CV if needed.


Fiona Fonti
Fiona Fonti

12 Years of Clinical Experience

Karen Janes
Karen Janes

12 Years of Clinical Experience

Jenny woodhouse
Jenny Woodhouse

38 Years of Clinical Experience