Workplace Rehabilitation Provider

The Rehabilitation Specialists are an approved workplace rehabilitation provider under Comcare, WorkCover NSW, Worksafe ACT, Worksafe NT and have extensive experience providing all workplace rehabilitation services, including injury management and injury prevention services.

Our team have managed both compensable and non-compensable cases and we have extensive experience in supporting injured workers and their employers to facilitate safe and durable return to work outcomes. We implement an evidence based and outcome focused approach to assessment of injured workers which enables us to clearly identify barriers to return to work from the time of the initial needs assessment.

We have a redeployment team who specialise in new employment services, and we are also able to provide a range of support services to assist in achieving excellent return to work outcomes, including RTW Coaching, mediation, conflict resolution, Abilita, Cogmed, computer skills training and voice activated computer software (Dragon) training. All of our consultants are Comcare Approved and are registered with their relevant professional bodies.

At The Rehabilitation Specialists we apply a transdisciplinary approach to the management of all rehabilitation cases, utilising the full experience of all members of our team through regular case reviews and team discussion. Through engagement of all parties in the return to work process and the implementation of rehabilitation goals that are specific and tailored to the individual, we regularly achieve positive and durable outcomes. When required, we also implement pre-vocational plans and use activity to build capacity.

We currently provide workplace rehabilitation, injury management and injury prevention services under the following schemes:

        • Comcare
        • WorkCover NSW
        • WorkSafe ACT
  • WorkSafe NT
  • CTP
  • Non Compensation